All in on ethanol?

Source: By KELSEY TAMBORRINO, Politico • Posted: Wednesday, March 6, 2019

ALL IN ON ETHANOL? EPA sent its rule that would allow the year-round sales of 15 percent ethanol fuel to the White House for review on Monday, a step that makes it more likely the agency will release a final rule before the summertime driving season starts, Pro’s Eric Wolff reports.

— Wheeler questions Dems on ethanol: EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler did his first interview as administrator on Monday with Fox News. In the spot, Wheeler again reiterated that he doesn’t believe Democrats’ Green New Deal is “ready for primetime” and tied the resolution to ethanol.

Wheeler said the Green New Deal would do away with the internal combustion engine within 10 years — a key burner of ethanol. “I’m really going to be interested to see the Democratic presidential candidates when they go to Iowa before the Iowa caucuses, and they try to explain to the people that live there why they don’t want to have ethanol going into the future,” Wheeler said.

— Diving in: POLITICO Magazine’s Michael Grunwald looks at how 2020 Democrats are grappling with their support for ethanol. He writes that so far it looks like the status quo is prevailing: Every leading 2020 Democrat who has taken a position on ethanol supports it. But if that stance is still politically correct in states like Iowa, that doesn’t mean it comes without drawbacks, he writes.

Lukas Ross, a policy analyst for Friends of the Earth, tells Michael that Democrats who call for emergency action to protect the climate will look like hypocrites. “How can a Democratic candidate go to Iowa on Monday as an ethanol booster and then talk seriously on Tuesday about a Green New Deal?” Ross asks. Read more.