ACE honors ethanol contributors with 2015 awards

Source: By Ethanol Producer Magazine • Posted: Thursday, August 27, 2015

Sioux Falls, S.D. – The American Coalition for Ethanol (ACE) honored a select group of individuals and companies for their substantial efforts to advance the U.S. ethanol industry during ACE’s annual conference in Omaha, Nebraska, last week.

Todd Sneller, administrator of the Nebraska Ethanol Board, headlined the awards ceremony as the recipient of ACE’s top honor, the “Merle Anderson Award,” named after ACE’s founding president and given to an individual who has made a distinguished contribution to the advancement of ethanol over his/her lifetime.

“It is really a special moment to be acknowledged for something and to be around people you have enjoyed working with and respect,” said Sneller after he received the award.

“While discussing who should receive this award, Todd overwhelmingly stood out,” said said Brian Jennings, executive vice president of ACE. “He is a trail blazer for his work in promoting ethanol. In the 70s he became the executive director of the first state organization in the country that promoted ethanol usage. He helped pass the Clean Air Act in the 80’s, while also increasing ethanol retail locations in Nebraska during that time span. Todd’s efforts to promote ethanol continue today by highlighting ethanol’s price advantages and clean air benefits in the region. He deserves this recognition for his hard work.”

Continued efforts to provide consumers access to higher blends of American ethanol earned Husker Ag, LLC the Power By People Award.

The new award was presented during the ACE conference and will be presented to a plant or an individual who has gone the extra mile to help get ethanol’s message out to the public.

“Everyone is very proud to have worked together to receive this prestigious award,” said Seth Harder, Husker Ag general manager. “We are proud to be members of Husker Ag.”

Jennings said Husker Ag’s recent response to a renewable fuel standard (RFS) public hearing made them a perfect fit for the inaugural Power by People Award. According to Jennings, when the RFS hearing was announced, Harder and his team immediately stepped forward with a group of employees, shareholders, investors and a fuel retailer to testify in Kansas City despite short notice.

In addition to addressing policy issues, Husker Ag provides support for flex fuel infrastructure throughout northeast Nebraska.

In 2012, Husker Ag passed a resolution to promote higher ethanol fuel blends at the retail level. Since then, the Plainview ethanol plant has provided grant money and ethanol for several retail locations including Creighton, Crofton, Hartington, Osmond and Pierce, at two locations.  Plainview and Norfolk locations are in various stages of flex fuel pump installation, and equipment is ready for installation at possibly four more locations.

“Husker Ag is a leader in ethanol infrastructure development,”  Sneller said. “The Husker Ag team continues to invest capital to expand a marketing network for ethanol fuels in communities across Nebraska. Seth and his team know that when consumers have a choice of fuel they generally opt for high octane, lower cost fuels that burn cleaner and provide high performance. Husker Ag invests in fueling sites with partners who understand the value of providing consumers with more choices at the pump.”

The remaining 2015 ACE Award winners are listed below:

President’s Award:  Steve Roe, CEO, Little Sioux Corn Processors, Marcus, Iowa

Policy & Legislative Leadership Award:  America’s Renewable Future,  a coalition of companies, organizations and individuals, committed to pushing presidential candidates in both parties to support the RFS.

Paul Dana Marketing Vision Award:  Kum & Go

Media Excellence Award:  Tom RIter, WNAX Radio