A tall tale of an ethanol study

Source: By John Siliano and Josh Siegel, Washington Examiner • Posted: Monday, April 23, 2018

A study floated by a group of anti-ethanol folks is raising the blood pressure of ethanol supporters a day after the study was issued.

Mair strikes again: Conservative PR maven Liz Mair had a little bit to do with that, circulating a Thursday blurb that John wrote in Daily on Energy Friday morning.

The item highlighted a study by Smarter Fuels that showed Iowa was using low less ethanol than other parts of the country. Or, at least, less than one might assume from one of the largest producers of ethanol in the country.

Pro-ethanol pushback: Brooke Coleman, who is a member of Fuels America renewable fuels coalition, responded with outrage.

Dealing with the ‘absurd’: “This might be the most absurd narrative ever cooked up by the oil industry and Liz Mair, who has always been willing to hawk any bogus numbers the oil guys give her,” Coleman said in an email. “Iowa has the second-highest ethanol blending rate in the nation, according to the latest federal data.”

One of the anti-ethanol study’s takeaways was that Iowa was blending well below 10 percent ethanol in its gasoline supply, which is referred to as the “blend wall,” or the limit at which ethanol can be blended in gasoline.

“In fairness, with the majority of states surging well-past 10 percent, they are all starting to look like Iowa these days,” Coleman said.