A Push for Higher Blends of Ethanol at MN Fuel Pumps

Source: By Red River Farm Network • Posted: Tuesday, March 22, 2022

The Minnesota Corn Growers Association is closely monitoring an effort in the state legislature that would allow year-round use of E15. The petroleum marketers came to the corn growers with a proposal to market higher ethanol blends in the state. “Their concern, of course, is what it will cost to update the infrastructure and all of the stations that don’t currently have equipment or tanks that are in compliance,” said Richard Syverson, vice president, Minnesota Corn Growers Association. “The petroleum marketers came up with an idea to assess a small fee on every gallon of fuel sold. That money would go into a fund that would be used to build out higher biofuel blend infrastructure in Minnesota. The stations that have put in higher blends, they’ve seen market success.” This has been a priority for corn growers the last three years and the next few days will be crucial in how this legislation moves forward. “We’re counting on lawmakers to help us move this over the goal line this year.”