46% of American EV drivers want to go back to gas cars — report

Source: By David Ferris, E&E News • Posted: Thursday, June 20, 2024

A McKinsey & Co. survey counters previous assumptions about the public’s views of electric cars.

A teenager in an electric car

Younger electric vehicle owners are more likely to return to traditional cars, according to a recent survey. iStock

Americans who buy the most electric vehicles — the young — are the most likely to be dissatisfied with the decision and want to go back to gasoline-burning cars, according to a new report.

Consulting firm McKinsey & Co. also found that almost half of U.S. EV drivers want to return to using traditional cars with internal combustion engines because of factors such as lack of charging infrastructure.

The findings are ’’a warning sign of the direction of travel,” said report author Philipp Kampshoff, a leading mobility analyst at McKinsey who is based in Houston.

“There’s a real stalling we’re seeing in the U.S. that we’re not seeing in other geographies,” he added.