30 governors proclaim ‘steadfast support’ for RFS, biodiesel

By The Iowa Biodiesel Board, Biodiesel Magazine  • Posted: Friday, March 22, 2013

Thirty governors in the Governor’s Biofuels Coalition have issued a letter to all members of Congress urging them to stay the course on the federal renewable fuel standard (RFS). The Iowa Biodiesel Board praised the move as a bold statement of refusal to back down to the unrelenting false accusations leveled by opponents of biofuels.

“As governors who see firsthand the impact that the RFS has had on our states, we urge you to reject any modifications to the RFS,” the letter said. “By intentionally using misinformation, biofuels opponents damage the nation’s economy, environment and energy security.”

Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad is chairman of the coalition. The IBB thanked Branstad and the rest of the coalition for the effort.

“This vigorous show of support for the RFS gives those fighting for biodiesel a much-needed shot in the arm,” said Randy Olson, IBB executive director. “It shows that our elected leaders see through the ploys of opponents who want to stay with the status quo of our destructive addiction to foreign oil. We hope all members of Congress heed the message.”

The letter outlined how biofuels can help achieve worthy public policy goals. It also noted that with the support of governors, Congress strengthened the RFS in 2007 by including advanced biofuels such as biodiesel.

“We’re proud of the fact that since the passage of the RFS, the United States has reversed the course of our dependence on imported oil,” Olson said. “While this trend is not due to biofuels alone, it underscores the value of a diversified energy portfolio. Biodiesel is helping our country achieve what many of us at one time could only dream of—domestic energy security in our lifetime.”